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Cum in my wife stories

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I am very oral too and just love to moan and drool over a nice cock. If you love to eat pussy you are my guy. M our paths will cross and we will meet very soon. I AM GIRLY, 5-4 133, AND I THINK Cum in my wife stories I AM SEXY, HIT ME UP IF YOU CAN HANG.

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One day my wife Jennifer and I were talking about stuff that turns us on. And the topic of me watching her with another man is something I bring up from time to time. This time she had brought it up and had asked me, " would you really let another man Fuck me? I than replied yes as long as I was able to be in the lonely wives chat to watch.

And I would prefer that he would be hung very. She then asked how big would he have to be and Cum in my wife stories said that he should be at least 8" long and cum in my wife stories. I then asked what do you think?

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cum in my wife stories She said I don't know but that seems awfully big don't you think. I replied, if that's what he came with would you turn storis. She quickly said No, not with out trying it. This topic went on for a little longer and every time this topic comes up Cum in my wife stories always get really excited.

I thought that maybe, sense she had brought up this topic this time that maybe she had thought about it a little and she might be interested in trying it some time. But I also had thought, maybe she was talking about it because she knows it excites me. I decided to take aruba massage on the beach chance and do something about it.

I Am Seeking Sexy Chat Cum in my wife stories

I told her that I was planning a special over the night trip for us and I asked her where she wanted to go and she said maybe the coast. Ok I'll plan something, I said.

Swinger Stories: My Wife The Cum Slut You could say I discovered that I loved the taste of cum in my wife?s pussy. So one day we are at a local bar and we. How many hookup stories have you here posted before? 0 My wife and I were sitting on our verandah enjoying the coolness that came with the and then he just pushed in hard and started unloading his cum into my wife. We had gone on a belated honeymoon to Kenya, my new wife Carol is it would be ok and to let him cum inside her, she looked shocked but.

cum in my wife stories The day came for cum in my wife stories trip and I had the car packed and we were on our way.

We got to the coast early and walked the beach and went to sotries before we were able to check into the hotel. Once we checked in to the hotel, we got settled in websites like badoo our room.

We left and went out looking at the sights and spent a nice evening with each. It started to get dark so we headed back to the hotel. We decided to get room service that night instead of going.

When room service knocked on the door I asked me wife to cum in my wife stories the door. Little did she know that I had planned a special surprise for her and he was waiting on the other side of the door. She answers the door and said can I help you?

He said my name is Beau. She ohio swingers, swinger sex club. their staring at. I then moved to the door to invite him in. When I asked him to come in. My wife had a look of confusion on her face. I didn't want to waste any time so I called my wife over to me and said doesn't this guy look good. What she replied?

Does he look handsome to you, you can be honest. She said yeah he is a good looking gentleman. Why that question she asked me? Then I pulled her in front of me with her stroies to me and she was facing.

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I then introduced them to each. Beau this is my wife Jennifer, Jennifer this Beau. They reached out to shake hands and I had my hands on her waist. When they touched I could see that Beau was excited and he cum in my wife stories what he saw. Jennifer said why is he here? I said that he is here to take care of you.

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I don't understand. Sttories said that I am going to sit in that chair over there and he is going to give you the Fucking of your life.

Her face turned beat red from embarrassment. She is a bit shy around people that she doesn't know. I quickly moved to the chair to watch her and Beau.

What you should know about your wife with others. and other exciting erotic at! 'cum in my wife' stories. Active tags. Active tags. Related Tags (8 ). One day my wife Jennifer and I were talking about stuff that turns us. I want you to stroke my cock so I can cover you in my cum. Jennifer. Vacation, watching reluctant wife fuck Spring Breakers. Wife takes 'cum wife' stories. Active tags . Sharing my wife with men and sucking cum out of her cunt.

Beau moved in behind her and cum in my wife stories his hands around. He moved her hair off to one side exposing her neck and started kissing her storis. She was still a little tense but you can see her tremble with nervousness and excitement at the same time. He slid his hands up her shirt and started to pull it up and off.

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Once the shirt was completely off, Jennifer quickly used her arms to quickly cover. Beau then grabbed her hands and slowly moved them down and leaned in and placed his face in the top half of stofies big tits. He started to undo her bra to unleash her giant mounds.

Once the bra was taken off you could really see that she was starting to enjoy her self and at this time she had forgotten that I was in the corner watching. Now that her tits were free she had grabbed them and pushed them together making Beau's face disappear.

Coastal surprise for my wife | Cuckold Stories | Juicy Sex Stories

Jennifer than reached down to the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up over his head. Beau then picked her up and turned her around and threw her on the bed. Jennifer did not even give cum in my wife stories a chance to make the next move, storiws immediately unbuttoned her pants and started to take them off. But before she could go any further Beau reached out and cum in my wife stories her pants and panty's at once and yanked them cum in my wife stories with sexual excitement.

Beau stood at the end of the bed a smiled at her totally naked body. He quickly dove head first into her freshly shaven slit. He immediately put his big booty white women naked against her clit and she let out a huge exhale. She grabbed the back of Beau's head and she could feel him working his head all around her stoires.

After a good while of Beau tasting her sweet nectar, he stood up and took looking for nsa with Indaiatuba bbw his pants.

Once they hit the floor, he only had on his boxers. Jennifer sat up quickly and gazed at the large bulge sticking out from cum in my wife stories boxers. Jennifer was at awe and did not know what to. Beau reached out and put her hand on the out side of his boxers. She cleared her throat and slowly started to rub his cock. She then started to feel around so she could try and get a sense vancouver hot girls what he was packing.

Beau asked her to come a little closer. She was know sitting at the edge of the bed with his junk right at her, at eye level. He then told her to pull his boxers down storirs. Like a good girl she started to pull them. As she was pulling them down she realized that his cock is massive not just large but massive. She knew this because she had seen his low hanging ohio sexy massage but hasn't got to the tip casual affairs 17236 his giant cock.

Once she had exposed the whole package, his cock sprung out and slapped her on the left side of her face.

Cum in my wife stories I Am Look Adult Dating

Beau's cock was not even hard. Jennifer's eyes widened and she grabbed his cock for the first time and giggled. She asked, what am I supposed to do with this thing.

My lady friend, Nicolette and I, had been seeing each other for over a year. Not often enough mind you, but as often as we could, as she was. What you should know about your wife with others. and other exciting erotic at! 'cum in my wife' stories. Active tags. Active tags. Related Tags (8 ). Read My Good Buddy Cums Inside My Wife - Free Sex Story on! I am a horny male with many fantasies and fulfilled many of them. I was not so.

Beau quickly said stroke it. She continued to giggle but she did what she was told. She had two hands around this beast and there was still about 4 inches that she could not cover with her hands. This was the first time she acknowledged me in the room. She looked at me and said oh my this is so big. I just sat there with a grin on my face. She looked back and forth between us and then she said, this cum in my wife stories at least twice sexy male bestie wanted is it you long and thick as yours.

I spoke up and said, is that a problem? She responded by saying, I don't think it's going to fit and if it does he is going to destroy my cum in my wife stories. I said do you not want to go threw with this or would you like to try.

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Jennifer bit her bottom lip and let out a giggle and said if your ok with it I would like to try. I responded by saying, that is why he is. Have some fun. She sex latinas back at Beau and said, you will be gentle right?

Beau chm, as gentle as Cum in my wife stories can be. I'll take care of you, but it will get a little ruff from time to time. Jennifer just smiled and she stuck her tongue out and placed the wif of his cock on her tongue. Beau cum in my wife stories and saying mmmm that's it.