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World sex tourism guide

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I mainly started this page in order to give a starting point for discussion on sex tourism in Wikitravel. This is definitely not "final" policy, and I'm seeking some cooperation from Wikitravellers in helping to formulate our policy on this issue before it high end hookers a problem. Also, there's no point on here about listing sex services that are legal in many Western countries, world sex tourism guide as strip clubs.

I'd like ladies seeking hot sex Malone NewYork 12953 see some discussion on that. Well, I was planning on mentioning the strip clubs in the Tenderloin, simply because that is a big part of the neighborhood's character. My impression would be if a certain district in any city is characterized by prostitution and sex services, then we should say so.

It's important world sex tourism guide for travelers choosing where to spend their time; a family with kids, for instance, would probably choose to avoid certain neighborhoods based on that information. Omitting all mention of prostitution would make Wikitravel less useful for.

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On the other hand, I can appreciate drawing a line between stating general facts "the area is known for prostitution" and creating a guide for sex tourists "the cleanest hookers hang out on Geary St, but the cheapest ones are on Polk".

As for the strip club issue, I don't feel strongly about it, but my inclination would be that it's a legitimate subject for a travel guide.

Perhaps there could be a policy about separating out "adult" content into specialized itinerary pages? I think creating this policy is a good thing, and you have made a good start Evan. It seems to me Shannon has the right idea; the lady seeking casual sex WV Huntington 25704 goal of the policy should world sex tourism guide to draw a line between general facts useful to most travelers, and facts that are useful only to those who plan to patronize prostitutes.

I don't think we should separate out "adult" content because that is more likely to create exactly world sex tourism guide "too much information" that the policy seems to be driving at avoiding. I'm going to try and incorporate these thoughts into the policy; feel free to flying elephants girl it. I have changed the definition of sex tourism.

The previous definition inadvertently considered the act of visiting a country for a crochet convention to be sex tourism if adult prostitution was legal in that country. I think it very appropriate to mention the sex laws and mores of a country.

To be consistent and avoid undue moralising, it should also be mentioned if prostitution or homosexual acts between consenting adults are legal in a country.

A distinction should be made between sex tourism and the ordinary sex services available to locals and, incidentally, to visitors. A distinction should also be made between legal adult sex services and sex services that are illegal in that country or world sex tourism guide involve child sex.

People may want to know the location of red light districts are so world sex tourism guide a they can avoid them b they can walk down the street for a curious look c they can actually avail themselves of the services - incidentally to the main purposes of their visit to the country d visit the country for the prime purpose of using the sex services.

I think we should cater for a through world sex tourism guide — by my definition they are not sex tourism. RP 27 Oct I world sex tourism guide know what the status is on non-child sex tourism, nor do I females sucking dick in 70508 nj what kind of liability we put ourselves in for if we have sex tourism info on the site -- nor can I afford an international lawyer to find out!

I know that traditionally tougism not a lot of censorship just talking about going someplace, but when that runs into issues of children and sex -- and, let's face it, "sex tourism" is often conflated with "child sex tourism" -- woorld not a lot of openmindedness in the laws of many countries.

World sex tourism guide

Throw in the fact that most legislators love the idea of censoring the Internet, and we've got problems, Houston. Let's just say the whole nerve dating site makes me real, real nervous. Probably more than I should be, and there's probably a good common-sense level world sex tourism guide we have colorful info on red world sex tourism guide districts yet not intricate do-it-yourself details that will get us sued.

As a counter example, I am told I never read the things, myself that some other travel guides include notes world sex tourism guide where red light districts are, but not a lot of info on how to solicit or what prices are. Can we live with that? So the question of gogo bars has come up on Talk: How do we deal with places that a really sex-trade specific OK, sure, maybe you're just there for the great drink specials and decore that have become tourist attractions?

It would be like having tour buses stop at Tenderloin street corners or something I guess going with the "Just enough info to get you there, not enough to help you do whatever you might want to do" is the way to go?

Majnoona I took a second look at this page and I don't like it. The rationale for banning sex tourism info is:.

Sex tourism - WikiSexGuide - International World Sex Guide

Sure, but pedophilia is illegal and hence covered under the Wikitravel: Illegal activities policy. Why do we need a separate page for world sex tourism guide Jpatokal Short and sweet: I'd world sex tourism guide to know why a separate Sex tourism policy is necessary, instead of this being merely covered under the Illegal activities policy.

So as far as I can see the following arguments have been presented:. The reason I'm personally interested in this is that I mostly esx in Bangkok, a notorious den of sin, and have on several occasions world sex tourism guide to fight off the Morality Police for wandering into the gray areas of the policy with coverage of, say, Patpong. Which I last guidw half a year ago at the lonely girl want sex near Tucson Arizona of my girlfriend, but that's another story So I'd like to see the Illegal activities policy in general, and the 'naughty nightlife' bits in specific, tightened up to leave as few gray areas as possible.

As a newcomer to this discussion, I have ssx the policy.

It is based on the assumption that a there is something wrong with travelling to a place because free religious chat the sexual opportunities it offers, and b there is something wrong with paying for sex.

These are of course opinions held by many people, but they are opinionsand they are far from universally guidr, as shown by the fact that large world sex tourism guide of people sdx travel to places for sex and do pay for sex and also large numbers of other people sell sex, of course.

I fail to see why an encyclopaedia should force contributors to conform to a particular set of opinions on world sex tourism guide subject. Let me stress not that I should have to that I am not talking about sexual exploitation of children.

I am talking about sexual and commercial agreements between adults. Any article on travel to Bangkok which does not give a full discussion of both the "free" and "commercial" sex industry is seriously deficient, and I object to having my contribution on the gay scene in Bangkok censored on the grounds that it discusses how the ovapa WV cheating wives sex world sex tourism guide operates, including an indication of prices.

world sex tourism guide This amounts to imposing someone's moral opinions on me - and on many other people, Thai and western, who find these transactions perfectly normal, mutually beneficial and lots wanted cum slut milf fun.

I would like to know what the justiiation for this policy is. Adam Carr I don't go to places specifically for sex, but sometimes I do partake. So I toruism some sites that are specifically oriented to sex tourism, and some sites that are world sex tourism guide.

It's funny though - you guys have this policy against sex tourism info like every other general interest tourism site mature Saint Ignatius Montana horney text Bala adult chat free, and one of the justifications is that it would overrun all the general info - but ironically the sites ostensibly worl to sex tourism have far more up-to-date and detailed information on non-sex stuff visas, sec crossing, transport, food, shopping, drinking, sightseeing than any general interest site.

I actually have world sex tourism guide this out to some friends of mine that never pay for sex, and most of the male ones agree and have started using these sites, whereas my female and some male friends can't stand to even glance through the sexual stuff to find the nonsexual stuff. So, I think the reasoning behind this no world sex tourism guide rule is that lots of people mostly women find it icky.

I think with this rule you are missing out on a guidee of useful participation from sex tourists - i. But I totally understand - most people, if you add up nearly all the women and a few men, find this sex talk disgusting.

Maybe you could solve this in a technical way world sex tourism guide Just have a "I am interested in sex tourism" option you can select default to off, obviously and make people tag their toourism info so that people who don't want to see it won't see it.

As for legal issues Obviously you still need to ban information on sex with children. It makes lily spa massage las vegas and the politicians that need their votes everywhere wlrld their stack, so they'll world sex tourism guide a way to lock you up if you don't keep it.

Banning information world sex tourism guide prostitution for places where prostitution is illegal might be going too far, though - e. People bring up this stuff about "human trafficking" all the time but I think it's overblown - seriously, most of these women do these jobs voluntarily, because if they go back to their home country they only have even worse opportunities.

It's just like any other migrant worker picking fruit or building roads for crap pay in crap conditions. Data point courtesy of this week's Economist: I'd just like to add another voice in support of the "ilk" of Colin, Jan, and Evan.

There are plenty sexy women seeking real sex Mildura-Wentworth places on the web to find sex-tourism information, and there's no good reason to duplicate it here, for all of the reasons that Colin, Jan, and Evan world sex tourism guide expressed.

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Wikitravel is about making the best possible general interest travel guide we. The sex stuff just gets in the way. I'm going to world sex tourism guide my two cents of support for this policy as. I like this comparison: So far we don't list the names, numbers, costs, or reviews of babysitters, even though this would be helpful to some travellers.

If someone were to start this, I'd oppose it world sex tourism guide two reasons: I don't think we're going to make everyone happy all of the time, but I think the current policy is a nice middle-ground: The reason it has it's own policy is mostly to bring attention to this specific sticky issue. As stated earlier, I want to see this policy absorbed into the Illegal activities policy entirely. But as this isn't very amenable to compromise, here's my list of suggestions.


Feedback welcome. So would you people be happy if I paid a lawyer's retainer for finding out Evan's legal liability under Canadian law for hosting a site that contains non-child world sex tourism guide info? Any other issues of realistic concern?

So if we have info on gay bars and warnings for gay travellers about laws and predjudices they might world sex tourism guide, teen small booty to be consistent, worlf should also have info on hooker bars and local prostitution laws. I'd say we should have.

Not prices, or tips on picking up hookers, but info on where they are and warnings on local laws, mores and scams as appropriate. I'd say the current text in Bangkok under "Drink" is a fine example world sex tourism guide doing it right, but it is not clear to me that it fits the current stated policy. If not, I'd say the policy should be ammended to match. Pashley For that matter, we have Gay and lesbian travel and Wikitravel: Puerto rican woman getting fucked for gay and lesbian travellers.

I'd say Travel for those who use hookers is just as valid a travel topic.